Who is this?

My name is Gabriel Mercado (Gary), and I write on and own this website.

Why are you writing about these things?

I’m both a writer and enthusiast of all things mechanical. I’ve written about tech, sports, and was a lifestyle writer for PDI. I write movie reviews, politics and such on my main blog. I am also a web developer which I write about on my work blog. While I have a lot of interests the two most prevailing ones are writing and cars. So here I get to indulge in both.

Yeah But Why?

Because this is fun and a great stress relief. I’ve always thought I’d grow old doing car / motorcycle and writing related stuff so this is it.

Do you get paid?

No this is purely a hobby. I may earn from ads though, but as everyone knows that’s not a lot. I’m open to sponsorships sure but otherwise I’d still be doing this as long as it’s fun.

What about a car or bike would make it interesting for you?

I like to write about what interests me. It may vary from old cars to new ones, old car tech to new innovations, restorations, reproductions, mods, people who do these things (whom are often interesting themselves), museums, collections, races and racers, events, and all things related to that.

It can be any of those, but as long as IT’S INTERESTING TO ME, I’ll write about it.

How do I contact you?

Email ghmercado@gmail.com, or visit me on FB.

Why Would I Contact You?

If you have an event, launch, a product / vehicle / store you want to show off or other things of that nature, do let me know.