First, the specs:

Lamborghini Huracan

LP610-4 Coupe
5.2li V10, 602 hp, 412 ft. lb torque
7 speed dual clutch transmission
All wheel drive

Tesla Model S P100D

with Ludicrous option
Dual Motors, 503 hp rear / 259 hp front
All wheel drive

Now, The Results:

The Lamborghini Huracan:

Quarter mile: 10.84.3 seconds
Speed: 127.23 mph

The Tesla Model S

Quarter mile: 10.82.5 seconds
Speed: 122.93 mph

The Tesla wins by .0922 seconds.

Wha?! What Happened!?

Ok first of all, this is no ordinary Tesla S. This one had the ‘Ludicrous’ battery (a $10,000.00 option), which increased the 0-60 mph time by 10% to 2.8 seconds, as well as the time it takes to reach 155 mph by approximately 20% than a standard Model S. So it’s not ‘stock’.

But here’s the thing, IT STILL BEAT A LAMBORGHINI. A modern, romping, stomping, red blooded Italian Bull. A car meant for and designed to not only look fast but to actually be fast, and not only fast, but the fastest thing around, second only to full on race – spec cars, or maybe one of those so – called ‘hyper – cars’ (like the La Ferrari or Koenigsegg cars).

And don’t forget the Model S is a 5 door full size luxury car! It’s meant to drive 4 full size adults in relative comfort and safety in everyday traffic. Meanwhile the Lamborghini would attract so much attention you’d think twice before using it on a trip to the mall.

But OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The Tesla won, sure, but by only .922 seconds. That’s not a lot. Also after 120 mph, the Lamborghini was going to leave it in the dust and go on to have a much higher top speed after that, owing to its’ engine’s better torque at high speeds plus better aerodynamics.

So what we can all learn from this is that an electric vehicle’s torque at slower speeds really is far superior to that of a fossil fuel powered one, even if it’s a Lamborghini.

This all means that you can’t just watch this video and say, hey, the future is 1000% electric, and that all electric cars are superior. That’s not true by a long – shot, as there are so many more factors that needs to be settled, such as range, the very high sticker price and so on.

But it’s still one hell of an interesting video!

  • First, it’s an Italian sports car being beat by a 5 door saloon in a drag race.
  • Second, the Italian sports car is TWICE it’s price.
  • And Third, Tesla drew attention to itself when it claimed the Tesla S was ‘The Quickest Production Car In The World’ and ‘3rd Fastest Accelerating Production Car in the World’, in its own website. A very brave claim to make indeed, especially with so many players in the industry. To actually live up to its own boast is pretty special and is worth paying attention to in itself.