I know this is the 2nd The Grand Tour blogpost I’ve done in the last 5 days, but honestly any car guy would be interested in anything the three are doing, even if they’re all promotionals for their up coming show. This time they appear on Adam Carolla‘s podcast ‘The Adam Carolla Show‘, and they talk about a number of things I’ll talk about as well.

But first here’s the link to the specific podcast episode:
And now here’s what they talked about more or less:

  1. The three guys say that the old Top Gear ‘took off’ as it were after Richard Hammond’s terrible accident ten years ago (has it been that long already?). For those who do not know about it, or if you’re just the type of guy who likes to watch horrible accidents where a person is nearly killed, here it is:This surprises me because Top Gear feels as if it was already terrific for me far longer than that, and I remember appreciating even those older episodes when they had that ‘fat guy’ Jeremy was referring to, whom May eventually replaced.At any rate I liked Top Gear before that because it was just better than anyone else (especially and) including Fifth Gear.
  2. There’s a reason why Adam Carolla referred to the Man Show twice, a show he and Jimmy Kimmel used to host. This is because Top Gear reminded him of the Man Show, which was a show hosted by two people who were genuinely friends, and which was a big hit because of that fact, and therefore similar to Top Gear in that respect. I only got to see that show on Youtube much later after it was gone, but it was clear they had chemistry which any audience would appreciate. Sure they had silly sketches and a lot of women in skimpy outfits, but really none of that would work without them. I’m not sure why they left the show but I assume it wasn’t in good circumstances, as Carolla refers to how the BBC broke up the three Top Gear hosts as a possibly similar situation more or less. Later he asks cheekily if they felt any feeling of justice when the new Top Gear didn’t do as well without them to which Jeremy gave a very diplomatic (and possibly) factual answer, which is that he didn’t really care, to which Carolla said ‘so that’s a yes!’, which may have been confirmed by the three of them if we only had a camera on them and not just a mic.
  3. To get to know more about Carolla, you can look for Youtube videos of The Man Show, or better yet check out the time he brought his 1968 Lamborghini Islero to Jay Leno’s Garage.

Carolla owns a lot of race cars, and owns Steve McQueen’s old cars I think. Here’s another link to a video GQ made about his collection, another one where he visits Jay Leno’s Garage again to ‘count cylinders‘, and another where he lets Leno drive his ’66 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, which I’ve probably watched a dozen times because I love old Ferraris and this one is probably among my favorites.

4. The fourth thing you will find out in this interview is that some of the main Top Gear draws like ‘Star In A Reasonably Priced Car’, the Stig’s times around the track on some of the world’s most expensive cars, ‘The Cool Wall’ (which I didn’t really like but, ok), are NOT going to be on the new show. These are probably Top Gear and therefore BBC property, and it probably shouldn’t be surprising that they’re not allowed to use those, but it’s still a shock to hear from them. This means that they are going to have to make up new stuff that should be as if not more interesting than the old format, and it’s therefore important to see how this will come out.

So that’s it. Well actually there’s a hell of a lot more interesting stuff but I stuck to four things because I wanted to make a listicle and making a longer list is more work and I’m a very lazy writer and it’s a miracle I’ve made it this far.