Just saw this pic on Instagram, of a Porsche cabriolet reported to have spun thrice but was still able to survive because of the automatic rollover bars that pop out immediately when this happens.

The roll bars essentially make up for the rigidity lost when a car doesn’t have a roof. As they are ugly they are hidden most of the time.

Active rollover protection

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porsche Active rollover protection

I know Active Rollover Protection is not brand new at all, but it’s still amazing to see especially when it actually saves a life in the real world, just like they said it would. I think I first saw that on an SLK, and it’s standard (I think) on high end BMWs and such.

And sure we’ve all gone, ‘oooh, that’s cool. Ok.’, then moved along to the next thing. But to actually read about a guy able to walk away after his car turned thrice without a scratch really makes you pay more attention now.

After that of course, the following thoughts come in ie.:

‘because of those rollbars the car even looks salvageable too’.


‘wish I could have a go in one’,

and finally:

‘I noticed the rollbars destroy the rear window when they pop out. Wouldn’t be surprised when someone finds out a way to sue Porsche for that even if it saves them.’