Here are screencaps I took of their video, where it starts by taking a view (from as far away as 500 meters?!), of Edsa South Bound, where it crosses the Pasig River between Mandaluyong and Makati.MMDA Says There Are Asshole Drivers Out There. Who Knew?It zooms in on either an Isuzu Highlander or Mitsubishi Adventure, whose driver stopped, got out and moved the cones aside so he could turn right.MMDA Says There Are Asshole Drivers Out There. Confirms What We Already Know.The guy jogs back, gets in his car and takes off, probably thinking ‘I’m the smartest guy in the world‘.MMDA Says There Are Asshole Drivers Out There. Who Knew?MMDA Says There Are Asshole Drivers Out There. Who Knew? Problem is, the opening he makes allows other random assholes to follow suit, applying the age old idiot philosophy ‘Ako lang naman e! Wala namang maaabala sa ginagawa ko!MMDA Says There Are Asshole Drivers Out There. Who Knew? This looks like a Hyundai Eon.MMDA Says There Are Asshole Drivers Out There. Who Knew? Followed by a tow truck ie. ‘wrecker’.MMDA Says There Are Asshole Drivers Out There. Who Knew?

So what did we learn from this?

  1. MMDA’s cameras are amazing. This view must be at least 400 – 500 meters away. Although it can’t get the license plates yet they can just track those same vehicles with another camera with a better view later.
  2. We also learn the MMDA commenters for this post are idiots. In the earlier part of the video there were MMDA enforcers who looked like they were just allowing buses to illegally cross lanes. However the MMDA video clearly stated that the ‘no contact apprehension‘ policy was in effect, meaning they don’t have to be apprehended at that moment and they will be sent notices later on. A clear violation of Facebook’s ‘not reading and complaining immediately‘ rule, which has been proven to elect idiots into power.
  3. And finally, the whole point of the MMDA in publishing these is to prove that even if you think you can get away with it, there’s a chance that they’re taking a video of you and so NO, you can still get caught.

My first reaction when I saw this was to think that the MMDA was naive. I’ve seen guys come out of their car to move cones at least ten times. It happens all the time at the toll gates at SSHway, for example.

But the video wasn’t made to show all of them, it was made to prove that it is keeping an eye on them.

So instead of complaining, we should realize that there are people who are actually trying to do good, and support them instead. They may not be successful 100% of the time, but they at least deserve some support.

This is very hard to do if you’re an asshole yourself.