So here are my thoughts on some band’s latest video featuring some girl and some car.

Rolling Stones Kristen Stewart

  1. This is my favorite Rolling Stones era, in the early years playing the blues as unabashed Muddy Waters and Eddie Taylor zealots. Here’s the orig:
    Personal note: It is a type of music I have learned to appreciate as I have gone up in years. It fills gaps in my soul I didn’t know where there.
  2. When she gets to her car with groceries and the door is conveniently open. Cool people don’t bother closing doors. It messes up their style.Rolling Stones Kristen Stewart
  3. When she lights up a cigarette while filling up.Rolling Stones Kristen Stewart
  4. When she can’t drive straight on a perfectly good road.
  5. When you can wave your arms and dance like a maniac at a gas station while wearing a shirt that doesn’t hide much.Rolling Stones Kristen Stewart
  6. When your ’68 ‘stang can stop on a dime to save a zebra. Mustangs can’t stop, or at least not when you want them to. That zebra should be dead.
  7. Because it gives me a chance to post a music video of the Stones playing with Muddy Waters.
  8. Because ’68 Mustang on a beautiful day in its natural habitat.Ford Mustang (first generation) There really shouldn’t be any other reason.