Sometimes you come across something special on your timeline, and the other day this came and I just had to take notice.

After reading the comments it turned out to be a Reproduction DKW 175 VS fitted with a Honda TMX 155 engine. I asked the owner for an interview and he gladly obliged. But first, here’s a few pics from the web:

Here are a few pics he sent before the restoration:

And here it is today:

The interview in full:

  1. Please tell me about how you found the DKW. How much did you pay for it? What was its state?
    I acquired it sa bulacan last nov 2015. Nabili ko sa isang collector ng mga junk vintage motorcycles and cars. I saw it in an online ad (OLX). So I did not waste time to have it acquired asap. DKW is not a usual motorcycle that you see daily on our streets. I did some research and I still havent found a running DKW in Phils with orig engine. I bought it for 20k, no engine and no papers.

    There was no engine when I acquired it. Actually before I decided to have it restored, I thought of acquiring an original engine in Austria or any Europian country where DKW was released but it was too costly and I have doubts if the sellers are legit.

  2. Did you hire a shop to have the job done?
    Yes. Restoration was done by Ramon Gaerlan of No Garage Works in Caloocan.

  3. Do you recommend this shop?
    He is just starting his own shop. So, the painting,sandblasting, installation of new engine were outsourced. I think that contributed a lot to the restoration cost. It would be better if he can have all these jobs done on his own shop.

  4. How much did the job cost?
    It cost me around Php 130k, for the project bike, donor bike, and restoration.

  5. How is the bike now? Is it complete?
    Its in good running condition with the Honda TMX 155 engine.

  6. Is there anything else you want done on it?
    I still want to do some more improvements like putting a single seater sidecar, and a detachable passenger seat.

  7. Please let me know any other details about the bike
    The bike’s original color is black but I chose to change it to military green to resemble with Captain America’s BMW.  We are on the process of legalizing the change of color in LTO. Hopefully, we will not encounted any problems since the donor bike is also black.

  8. Are you planning another project, and what?
    Yes, 1982 Yamaha DT 125- my fathers first motorcycle .1975 yamaha l2 – my brother’s first motorcycle which he bought 2nd hand for his tricycle, 1965 suzuki B 120 – my uncle’s first motorcycle which he used for selling fish. Im planning to restore them all for sentimental reason.

Why I Like This

This stood out because of the same reason Chris liked it, which is that a DKW is a very rare beast and especially ultra rare in the Philippines. This means you’ll probably be the only one with a DKW in any local antique motorcycle show and I bet only one of a handful if at all of the same model even in Germany.

It also looks special with its nice swooping curves that extend all the way from the handlebars to the engine covers, tank, seat and fenders. It’s unique even among other DKW models because it has parts designed for this model as opposed to something put together from various parts from a factory parts manual.

And the final reason is this:

Chris has chosen the powerplant from the venerable Honda TMX 155. Not only did it turn out to be a perfect fit but for most of us who understand bikes this is the workhorse of the Philippines. From delivering farm produce to sending kids to and from school, from being used and abused by messengers to delivering packages of every type across the city, this is what our country’s economy relies on daily.

And it has also been recently phased out, which is a sad moment for us bike fans.

I fully understand Chris when he says he chose this instead of risking his money trying to buy an engine from abroad. It’s smart as the Honda engine will probably last another 50 years with regular care.

So sure, Chris can spend two or three hundred thousand obtaining an original engine and getting it to run, or he could spend a fraction of that using this instead and still end up with a beautiful, reliable bike to go to shows and getting around. He can even take long trips on it now, that engine will be the last thing that will quit.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I am looking for more people with interesting cars and bikes to interview. If you know of one or are one email me at or pm me on FB.