Have you seen one in the Philippines?

I have been here in the Philippines since 2003 and never saw an E9 . I saw pictures on FB that there was a Blue E9 and a Gold color one. I was told that there were CSL’s here. I was surprised to hear that. Very curious about the status and condition of these cars. Hopefully I can have a chat with their owners. I guess we have the sane BMW DNA.

What are its strengths and weaknesses?

As I said before, the weakness is the front struts. Over time the brakes will stuck if you are not riding it weekly.

The great part is the driving of the E9. It is kinda heavy but when driving you do not notice the weight. The 6 inline engine is so smooth. In the lower revs it has the full power for accelerating quick and at full speed it still has the comfort.

Image from Behance.net

How hard is it to get parts for a restoration?

There are companies in Europe who are still selling parts. Mostly body parts. The technical engine parts are supplied throughout the BMW suppliers stock. Bosch was the main supplier of engine parts, so you can still source your parts from them.

I was a Member of the German CSL club and they had a deal with Karmann who still have the machines and tools to stamp panels. Even Aluminum body parts are to order. But at least at a batch of 50 pieces.

Other sources are the later E28 models until 1980’s do have same engine parts you can keep your E9 running. The first batch of 6 series has the same engine.

Can you make your list of your top most desirable BMWs? And why?

BMW 507. Image from Momentcar.com

The 507 is the most desirable car, by far. When I had my business in E9’s I was roaming all car shows and auctions in all over Europe. In Belgium I saw 2 507’s. One was completely restored and one was missing parts. They use the latter for parts for the former. I asked the price of the unrestored one: 125.000 guilders (around 60.000 Euros). But in that time you could buy 3 houses for that money. I looked at the owner as if he was crazy. He smiled and said : one day you will understand… And yes, I understand now.

I also like the E28 and the first type M3 – known (by) experts as the best driving BMW stock from the dealer. The first type E30 M3 were race track ready.

Image from Carsonelove.com

What is the 0 – 100 kph and horsepower of the stock and homologated E9?

The stock E9 has an acceleration to 100 clicks around 10 seconds. The CSL gets it in 7.5 seconds. The 2800cs has around 180 hp. The 2.5 CS has around 160hp. The 3.0 CS (carb) around 190hp, the 3.0 CSi (D-jetronic) around 210 hp, the 3.0 CSL (carb) around 214hp and the 3.2 CSiL (D-jetronic) 221 hp.

When in Race Competition the CSL’s from BMW Sport Division, Schnitzer, Luigi, Hartge and many more racing teams could pump up the engine to over 340 hp and more. Mahle pistons and Schrick camshaft suppliers could give you a power plant up to 400 hp with different combinations.

Author’s note: here is a video of the Luigi #001 referenced above.

Turbo versions were built. History books tell us that BMW wanted to hit the US Racing IMSA with a Turbo powered CSL. They were successful in their first season!

How did it do in competition?

The CSL was an Icon in its era. The biggest challenge was to beat Ford Capri. Ford had a big racing history so their engines were superior. But I guess the track-handling and the pilots of the CSL’s were key here to win races. The body modifications by Toine Hezeman made the CSL’s the best in high speed cornering.

What other cars are you an expert on (BMW or other)?

Technical questions or solving issues with the older type of BMW models like E9, E12, E21, E24, E28, E30, E36 I can help you with that.

Of course my cars were MGB tourer, Mini, Triumph Spitfire, VW Beetle, Ford Capri and I did all the repair myself so I got some expertise in solving errors.

For older BMW models the ‘Valve Clearance’ is a main issue. The owners of these type of engines should try to gather as much as possible some new bolts and nuts from the valve lifters. The tread of these bolts are wearing out and there is no way you can get rid of the ticking noise of valve lifters once they give way.

BMW Inline 6 image from Tradeuniquecars.com.au

Do you still offer your services?

I still offer my service as long as the owners can do the job himself. I can tell and teach him how to do it. It is great to interact with people who love their ride and want to keep it running.

One of Haro’s projects, a convertible E30 version. More details on his FB page here.

More About Haro

I daily work commute on a Yamaha FZR 1000 . Rain or shine I was faster with a bike than in a car. Not as bad as EDSA, but same frustrations. When my brother Jerry, owner of Heckle& Jeckle, Makati, invited me for 2003 Bikeweek in Fort Bonifacio I rode my first time a Harley. In the sun, no jacket no raingear and just a Tshirt. And a liter gas was around 16 pesos.

I always said I want to retire at 50, so I still can pick up my bike when I drop the ‘dang’ thing. Sold my business, house, CSL and other stuff, put my Music gear in a container and live a warm life in Manila. Shared stages with Wally Gonzales, Pepe Smith, Kettle Mata, Lee Grane, Jun Lopito, Johnny Alegre and so many more really great Pinoy musicians.

I am one of the few (3) guys who play the Lapsteel Guitar here in Philippines. I do studio recording for artists with my Lapsteel. I am the Endorser of the Fouke Industrial Lapsteel Guitars, an American All Aluminum Lapsteel Factory from Benton Illinois.

I am playing every Monday in H&J, Felipe street, Poblacion, Makati.

Why I Like It

I’m not sure why I even have to say why I like it. Just looking at it alone is enough. But I guess that’s the reason right there. It’s clearly one of the most beautiful and visually balanced cars, let alone BMWs, that was ever made, with possible exception of the later E24s, but certainly right up there with the 507 in my opinion.

Image from Petrolicious.com

Then as if that wasn’t enough, it is not only fast enough to be competitive but even dominated its class. It did so well it was entering competition long after it wasn’t available for sale anymore and newer ‘better’ models were in the market. That alone speaks volumes.

So whether you like it for its looks or its performance you are winning either way. This is a rarity in life in general, where for example you have performers that can sing but not dance, or clothes that are comfortable but look silly, or food that is nutritious but never delicious. It is the car equivalent of the phrase ‘not just another pretty face‘. Something that delivers and looks good. And at the extreme of either end at that.

This is how I would describe Haro as well, he is not only a wealth of information about the car but an interesting man in his own right. BMW owners will find his experience invaluable but even if you don’t, you can also enjoy his music. Contact him via his FB account here.


I gathered a wealth of information from the following sites, so if you want to read more about the car here are the links: