It’s been almost a year since I stopped updating this and I feel a number of things ranging from shame and frustration. Shame that I appeared to go all blazing fire when I started only to end in a whimper and frustration that I couldn’t keep what I felt to be a good thing going. However, I had good reasons. Three as a matter of fact, starting with a.) the political climate (!), b.) health issues and c.) work. just a ton of work.

So political climate you say? Yes I admit that sounds odd but the truth is I just couldn’t keep my mind off how horrible things had become in this country, and of the many ongoing issues the two most prominent in my mind were ‘tokhang’ ie. the unbridled killing of people on the streets, and secondly China placing bases on Philippine territory while our own government virtually prepares a red carpet to welcome them.

A tweet I saw recently placed my feelings succinctly. When it comes to issues about extrajudicial killings or national sovereignty, we aren’t talking politics. We’re talking morality. We’re talking good vs evil. We’re talking where your heart and soul lies, and where you put yourself on either the side of good or evil. And as a father of two very young children who will eventually embark on journeys of their own it bothered me that I wasn’t doing enough to allow a better environment for them but rather, leaving them with a far worse place than what we had.

The second issue had to do with my health. I am diabetic and overweight coming into the start of 2018, and so by February this had taken its toll and I started having chest pains. One thing led to another (documented here), and I eventually had an angioplasty where they put two stents in my heart to allow for better blood flow.

And finally my third and probably most valid excuse was that I started work in the middle of last year at the Tourism Infrastructure and Economic Zone Authority or TIEZA as their IT consultant, where I started neck deep in work almost immediately just recently all of which bore fruit when we launched the Online Travel Tax Payment System (OTTPS) last April 16, allowing travelers to pay their travel tax online previous to a flight. I am neck deep in work still with almost all things IT in the agency, and it is all very fulfilling and gratifying work indeed. Almost (almost) as if I feel I am contributing something for the greater good, something you can really feel when you are working for a government agency, and something everyone who’s ever felt the same knows to be quite the best feeling in the world. A job that makes you feel good as you sleep at night.

So there you go, those are my reasons I quit. As to why I am coming back, the reasons are also in threes. a.) I just love cars and bikes. I just do, period. I always gravitate towards cars, car shows, car people, and I use the ‘net mostly looking at cars and dreaming about owning a vintage and working on them. I want to be that old neighbor everyone has that’s still driving his old car. b.) I love writing, and it’s still one of my goals to publish a book or something similar substantial, and c.) I love writing about cars and bikes. I love meeting and interviewing people, I enjoy researching, and I enjoy presenting to car guys like me content that I know they will appreciate because I appreciate it. I know it works.

In the end after you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of carrying on versus stopping the conclusion is fairly easy to appreciate. Stopping this blog is far more detrimental to going on. Stopping this blog means stopping what I know I enjoy doing. Continuing means i keep on building something I know is both worthwhile and fun. Something I prefer to do whether it pays me or not. Something that reaches out and touches people in a positive way and continues to do so the more I write.

And so, I’ll continue to write. The reasons why I stopped may continue to be less than ideal but if I hang around waiting for when things get perfect then I wouldn’t have been able to build anything. So here’s to less distractions and more writing.